nisa Nisa Chitakasem

Nisa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Register Dynamics. Having studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, she has a strong background in technology and a great appreciation for what technology can do.

She’s a skilled business builder and specialist in start-ups who has joined the Register Dynamics team with energy and passion. Follow Nisa and the rest of the team @RegDyn.


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4 steps to eliminating data silos

Does your organisation suffer from data silos? Have you noticed the impact this is having on your organisation and are you keen to stop this? If so, hopefully these tips will help to give you some ideas and options on how to break down data silos and to get your organisation working more effectively.


4 reasons why data silos are dangerous to ignore

Does your organisation have data silos? Getting rid of data silos can make a big difference to an organisation but first we need to understand what they are and how they can be dangerous to ignore.