Hardening and geo-diversifying databases


During the “NoSQL revolution”, clients consistently found their existing databases were unable to scale to keep up with demand. Their only choice was to completely rewrite their applications using new database technology.

GenieDB changed this narrative by bringing the advantages of NoSQL to existing MySQL-based applications. We let organisations scale their MySQL clusters horizontally, keeping their existing code unchanged.

We took on a £1 million project to create a new product from a replicated database engine, based on research and development. We provided the route to market by defining, architecting and building the MySQL integration. We pioneered modern DevOps and CI/CD practices through a fully automated VM-based test system.

We formulated open source product and platform strategies to allow us to compete in the fledgling NoSQL space and coached executives on how open source could be an advantage in the cloud. We negotiated with finance, supply chain and online media executives to drive adoption and to make sure our roadmap met customer needs.

There are whitepapers on how GenieDB solves SQL scale-out and beats the Consistency-Availability-Partition Tolerance (CAP) theorem.