Register Dynamics @RegDyn is now on G-Cloud

With the launch of G-Cloud 11 last week, we’re very excited to announce that you can now purchase our products, including, on the Digital Marketplace!

G-Cloud is a procurement framework run by the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace that allows buyers to easily find and buy cloud software and support products. All G-Cloud suppliers have already been accredited to Government standards. Any public sector organisation or arms length body can confidently buy services using the framework.

This is an exciting step for us because now organisations interested in simple data management can get hold of our Register-based products and support services with a simple procurement! Buying through G-Cloud is a familiar and safe option for their organisation, as opposed to running a buying exercise from scratch.

We’re looking forward to fulfilling our vision of unlocking a lot more use cases for Registers and bringing useful and usable data management to everyone!

Our services

Our Register services on G-Cloud are split into three different products, each targeting a different need we’ve observed from our clients. is our flagship data management product. It’s the best-in-class option for organisations who want to use their most valuable data in new ways, allowing them to use it widely to power new processes and services whilst still keeping it safe and secure.

Using, organisations can empower their teams to create and share their important, authoritative sources of data as Registers. Our cloud interface makes it simple for all their domain experts – not just their data practitioners – to have autonomy and agency over their own data. It includes features for an organisational approach to code lists and data dictionaries. In our many years of experience, we’ve observed that this is crucial if an organisation wants to really reap the rewards of digital thinking.

Design, training, integration and support of Registers

Whilst we’ve designed to be as simple as possible in the primary use cases, we also recognise that some organisations want expert help to make best use of their data. With this in mind, we’re also offering our bespoke services on G-Cloud.

We’re able to provide everything an organisation needs to unlock all the benefits of canonical reference data. This includes strategy services for moving to digital-first data, training on the optimal design and use of Registers, and bespoke development of services or integrations that make use of reference data. Our support services are priced using a rate card, so no matter how big or how small the need is, we can help.

Open Registers (Java) hosting

The software that hosts the GOV.UK Registers service is called Open Registers Java (ORJ), and it was designed and built by the Government Digital Service to act as their hosting platform for Registers. We’ve encountered lots of clients across Government who would very much like to host Registers of their own, but have struggled to find the knowledge or resources to use ORJ for themselves.

Now, for the first time, we’re offering managed hosting for instances of ORJ on G-Cloud. Whilst we’d recommend for anyone undertaking new work with Registers, our clients with existing reliance on the ORJ API can now control the hosting of their Registers (including private ones, if desired) without having to migrate their applications away from the API.

Contact us to get started

Now that these services are on G-Cloud, we’re very excited about all the new ways we can help people and unlock benefits for our clients through better use of Registers and canonical data!

Organisations wanting to procure through G-Cloud will first need to find our services and then contact us to start the procurement process.

As ever, we’re very happy to answer questions or do an in-person consultation in order to help however we can – just get in touch with us!