What We Do

We work with organisations to help them make better use of their data. We can support you in these main areas:

Data Strategy Consulting

Whatever your challenge is, our team is ready to support you and to help create the best strategies to handle your data.

We offer:

  • Advice, guidance and reports on best practises
  • User-led research and discovery
  • Specialist expertise in emerging technologies (including data trusts, personal data exchange, AI strategies)
  • Creation and set up of new policies

Data Management Tools

Do you have data sets that you don’t know what to do with? Are you looking for a one-stop-solution for managing your data?

Registers.app is:

  • A digital service for creating, managing and sharing linked reference data with accuracy and ease
  • Available for free via our open platform at Registers.app
  • Available as a bespoke service and solution for organisations

Technical Leadership

If you’re in need of technical expertise, direction and leadership, we can help. Our experts will ensure that you’re using your data as effectively as possible and with the best technology available.

We can support you through:

  • Team oversight and project leading
  • Technical prototyping and demonstrations
  • Development of new technology, frameworks, models and integrations
  • Data infrastructure support & technological re-design and re-structuring

Who We Are


Alaric Snell-Pym

Alaric is an engineer specialising in understanding complex problems and producing simple solutions. He has a wide range of experience implementing everything from line of business systems to distributed databases comprising thousands of nodes.

Alaric has been writing software for over 30 years and has spent more than 20 of those years leading on major projects in the enterprise software sector.


Simon Worthington

Simon is an architect and engineer working to build better interfaces between humans and data. Sometimes that’s by leading new products developing cutting-edge data infrastructure and sometimes that’s by researching new patterns and models with real data users.

Simon is a founder of Register Dynamics, a data consultancy on a mission to make data more useful for everyone, and the creators of Registers.app.


Owain Jones

Owain is a senior technologist with considerable experience in how to both generate and use data in a way that provides meaningful insights in a range of situations.

He has previously worked with the Energy Saving Trust and is an authority on the migration and standardisation of data from various sources, the creation of databases from said data and the display of data, including via BI reports and spatial mapping.


Nisa Chitakasem

Nisa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Register Dynamics. Having studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, she has a strong background in technology and a great appreciation for what technology can do.

She’s a skilled business builder and specialist in start-ups who has joined the Register Dynamics team with energy and passion. Follow Nisa and the rest of the team @RegDyn.


Andy Bennett

Andy trained as an Electronic and Electrical Engineer and has a background in consumer electronics, FPGAs, operating systems and device drivers. For the last 10 years he has been building companies around distributed database technology.

He is a founder of Register Dynamics, who help companies and governments apply their data usefully, responsibly and ethically.

Andy is a technologist that likes to inhabit the void between users, software and the hardware that it all runs on. His love of ceramic taps is well-documented. Talk with him on Twitter @RegDyn.