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We develop new technology, frameworks and models to support better use of data.

We are a team of data strategists and technologists supporting organisations in the public and private sectors to embed best practises in data.

Our specialisms are in emerging technologies (such as data trusts and personal data exchange), and linked reference data.

Our mission is to instil best practises in data within government and to make data truly useful for everyone.

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Need a home for your data?
We've got a service for that too.


A digital service for creating, maintaining and sharing linked reference data with accuracy and ease, made by us.

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What we've done for our users

Helping Government retain control of data

Central Digital and Data Office

Assuring new technology for a leading SME

A renewable energy business

User-friendly standards for Government spreadsheets

Government Digital Service

Making federated data more discoverable


Enhancing the organisation’s USP

DeSmog UK

Cutting edge research into data trusts

Office for AI, Innovate UK

Our latest insights

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4 steps to eliminating data silos

Does your organisation suffer from data silos? Have you noticed the impact this is having on your organisation and are you keen to stop this? If so, hopefully these tips will help to give you some ideas and options on how to break down data silos and to get your organisation working more effectively.


Why your database limits your data quality

Real world objects are often more complicated than simple databases really understand, and trying to fit those complications into the rigid type system of SQL is much like fitting a round peg into a square hole.


4 reasons why data silos are dangerous to ignore

Does your organisation have data silos? Getting rid of data silos can make a big difference to an organisation but first we need to understand what they are and how they can be dangerous to ignore.