Improving student engagement


Knodium works with universities to offer collaboration tools for students. Founded in 2012, it hopes to grow its network to over 120 institutions around the globe so that students anywhere can study together online using their open collaboration platform.

The challenge

Knodium’s collaborative platform, which is designed to enable students to interact with peers, lecturers and mentors, was still in development. They believed that by capturing data from their various communities, they would be able to offer deeper insight into how well their students are doing at Universities, but they needed help with this.

Knodium came to Register Dynamics for help with best practises around capturing, managing and using the data via their platform.

How we helped

Together we developed Knodium’s collaborative tool so that we could enable Universities to measure how well their students were engaging with their course material.

We extended the platform to capture data from each of the various user communities and created data workflows to structure the data for easy analysis.

This included displaying student interactions based on social groups (as well as traditional hierarchical structures such as faculties, departments, courses or year groups).

The result

The social graph technology and engagement data that we created, was able to help predict drop-out rates of students before it happened, which proved to be an incredibly valuable source of information.

Universities using the tool can better engage their students and better identify and thus support, more vulnerable students. Knodium’s tool has a more robust and unified platform to offer to institutions.