Developing market-leading payroll analytics

A financial big data start-up created in 2015, specialising in payroll solutions wanted to provide a SaaS based ‘Global Payroll Reporting and Analysis’ tool. Their customers needed the consolidation, storage, reporting and analysis of payroll output for any number of payrolls, irrespective of country or currency.

The challenge

In 2015, the start-up was a very young business with an idea for a brand new tool. They wanted to develop something that would offer easy comparison of past payroll payments irrespective of jurisdiction and currency.

They were aware that certain small-to-medium sized organisations often employed multiple payroll agencies in multiple countries and that they didn’t have a single, centralised system for payroll that could work across the organisation. This was the market opportunity that the start-up wanted to fill with their own product offering. However, they needed help in developing and designing this tool. That is why they came to Register Dynamics.

How we helped

Our team helped to identify and understand the main market needs and features required in the tool. We developed a roadmap for the development of the system and created demonstrations for the client team and potential customers.

Register Dynamics designed and delivered the complete SaaS product to enable on-demand reporting and analysis of payroll data from international payroll agencies. The unique set-based model that we’ve developed allows users to combine their data in arbitrary ways, giving analysts and executives the power to explore it in new ways – without a costly consultant spend each time.

As part of this product we developed a specialist database engine for processing numerical currency data. It can be used to read from arbitrary reporting formats, manage foreign exchange conversions and handle the business structure as it changes over time.

The result

The start-up now has a SaaS Global Payroll Reporting and Analysis tool that they can be proud of. It aggregates payroll data from different payroll systems and/or service providers and offers visibility of global payroll reports immediately without the usual month-end delay.

It is considered an innovative tool that offers companies’ deep insight into their payroll costs without changing its existing payroll system and infrastructure. Its innovative design allows the tool to be embedded with clients existing systems, helping clients to consolidate all of their data into one place.

The data management system we created continues to be the lead SaaS product for our client. .