Assuring new technology for a leading SME

A renewable energy business

A leading renewable energy business based in London was founded in 2010 with the aim of offering better green energy solutions to people in the UK.

In 2020, the UK government set up the Green Homes Grant scheme. This offers homeowners and landlords access to funding to put towards making energy efficient improvements to your home.

The challenge

Making sure that the business is set up to effectively support homeowners to take advantage of the Green Homes Grant initiative is important. The business identified that there was a need to procure and implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is suitable for use in their rapidly scaling business of installing air source heat pumps, insulation and other green energy improvements and solutions.

Register Dynamics was asked to perform due diligence on their CRM procurement options.

What we did

Register Dynamics focused on evaluating the preferred vendor’s service offering and CRM system. Our evaluation focused on two main areas of review: technical and compliance.

We performed an in-depth technical review of the CRM vendor’s application and codebase. By working closely with the vendor we analysed their existing application, codebase, development environment and hosting environment. This included close inspection of the code, code structure, data storage options and hosting restrictions.

A thorough compliance process was also implemented to review the vendor’s policies and practices around security, compliance, backups and service level objectives. This included analysis of the Disaster Recovery procedures along with more latent risks such as information security and compliance with data legislation.

The result

Register Dynamics offered an in-depth report outlining all areas where the vendor’s product was fit for purpose and areas of risk along with recommendations of how to fully optimise the tool and protect the business in the long term.

A plan for platform longevity has now been outlined and discussed in-depth to ensure that the business can continue to operate and scale effectively as it grows. It also ensures that the business is more prepared for any ‘worst case scenario’ situations and has a plan that incorporates efficient backup and redeployment processes.

The business is now in a strong position to move forwards with a CRM system they can be confident in and to build their rapidly growing business further.