Enhancing the organisation’s USP

DeSmog UK

DeSmog UK was launched in 2014 as an investigative media outlet dedicated to cutting through the debate around energy and the environment in Britain. They aim to investigate and analyse the undue influence of climate science denial and the fossil fuel industry on UK energy and climate policy.

Through their news, opinion and analysis, they seek to raise awareness and the level of public discourse. It is now the go-to place for accurate, fact-based information regarding mis-information campaigns on climate science in the UK.

The challenge

One of DeSmog UK’s core missions is to help expose the hidden networks that exist in the world of climate change denial. They have been doing this through their writing and sharing of high quality articles, which focus on explaining the different networks of lobbyists, politicians, campaign groups, funding and money sources that exist and how they relate to one another.

To help convey this information DeSmog UK often creates ‘network maps’ that visually depict the network being described in an article. These maps show the relationships between the different people and parties involved and have been effective in engaging with readers. However, creating these high quality maps was difficult with their existing tool and DeSmog UK were keen to improve this significantly. The maps are believed to set them apart from their competitors and so they were keen to develop them into a key unique selling point.

Register Dynamics was asked to oversee and manage the evolution of their tool to produce much higher quality and more customisable maps with improved interactivity and impact for users.

How we helped

Our team was responsible for agreeing the scope of the project, managing the various stages of delivery and quality assurance. We liaised with both the DeSmog UK team and the contracted technical team to understand the requirements, technical set up and capabilities and to establish the best way to evolve the tool and deliver the work within the set budget constraints.

We identified the various problems and frustrations experienced when creating a map using the current system and outlined a roadmap and timeline for improving these.

We coordinated each development phase, offering advice and support throughout, and coordinated demonstrations of the tool as it progressed, with all stakeholders involved.

Register Dynamics successfully oversaw and managed this project through to completion.

The result

DeSmog UK is delighted to have an improved tool for developing maps which now allows for much more functionality, customisability and interactivity with users.

There are multiple options and choices around colours, shapes, sizes and orientation. Integration of photos and images is now possible, as is social media sharing and embedding on websites. The DeSmog UK branding is present, new modes of use such as ‘full-screen’ mode have been added, and there is added control over map data to prevent edits from third-parties or other unauthorised users.

The project has been very successful and well received, and we are delighted to be exploring a new scoping phase to expand the tool further.