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Evidence for the National Data Strategy

Register Dynamics made a submission to the National Data Strategy open call for evidence, in which we discuss the difficulties with data that Government faces which could be fixed with a better approach to data infrastructure.

Personal data in Government is broken

Something is very wrong with personal data in Government. Citizens still submit their personal data using paper and pictures of letters, and services bear the burden of low-quality evidence. Why isn’t Government more joined up in it’s data sharing, what are the dangers, and how do we solve this problem once and for all? is now on G-Cloud

Our Register-based products and services are now available on G-Cloud, a public sector procurement framework offered by Crown Commercial Service. Public sector buyers can unlock the benefits of canonical data management more easily than ever before!

Usable data management for everyone

In the early 1980s the spreadsheet transformed the financial and accounting industry. Over the last few years, business has once again begun to change. How are disruptive companies such as Uber and Airbnb reaping the rewards of putting cloud-based data management at the fingertips of their own teams?

Improving how we manage spreadsheet data

Working with GDS, we’ve been looking at how government can save money in business processes through the use of data standards and the interoperability they bring. Since spreadsheets are probably here to stay, we’ve been looking at how to extract structured data from them. We built a tool that takes a simple but messy spreadsheet and extracts tabular data from it.

This is a guest post on the Government Digital Service “Data in Government” blog.

Legal trust + technical trust = data trusts

Technical trust and legal trust are both insufficient by themselves to ensure protection of valuable data. Instead we need a vehicle that combines the two to allow data use to be auditable and acceptable practice to be enforcable. In this post we discuss this concept of a data trust, explore what benefits they could bring and how they could be achieved.